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UltrasonicComplex Vibration Welding


"Ultrasonic Complex Vibration Technology"

Innovative and ingenious technology

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The ultrasonic complex vibration technology was invented by Jiromaru Tsujino, Emeritus Professor at Kanagawa University.
LINK-US Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor, which develops and designs ultrasonic welding machines using the ultrasonic complex vibration technology.

Ultrasonic Welding


Ultrasonic welding produces very strong metallic bonds.

Currently, ultrasonic welding is used as a new joining technique for burgeoning products such as lithium ion batteries and power devices (IGBT, etc.).
This technique can not only weld dissimilar metals or the like, which were not able to weld before, but also achieve strong connections because of no inclusions.

Ultrasonic metal welding is increasingly used.

A 20 kHz device generates vibrations at 20,000 cycles per second, and welding can be done by a one-step process due to its high-speed vibrations.
Furthermore, such vibrations move elliptically, allowing welding materials to be gently and evenly welded.

LINK-US Co., Ltd. can design and build equipment appropriate for the welding materials, welding conditions, and data transfer equipment of customers, and provide maintenance services.